SD card 244 MB VHD file

SD card 244 MB VHD file
File Size:
244.00 MB
14 August 2020

The partition manager software slowly creates six 32Mb partitions, this takes about 10 minutes (if anyone has a faster, more reliable, or better way of doing this, please let me know!)
Unfortunately EXDOS 1.4 is not yet compatible with FAT16 Binary code, so it is necessary to first use a suitable external device (e.g. a PC using “partition Guru” software) to transfer a Virtual Disk File (see Useful links at the bottom of this page) to any SD card you intend to use. This is required to partition the SD card to work with the older format.

Use the DISK sub-menu ‘OPEN VIRTUAL DISK FILE’ function to open the Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) file. Write the six FAT12 partitions to your SD card using the TOOLS sub-menu ‘CLONE DISK TOOLS’ feature. Subsequently, the modified partition SD card can be loaded with suitable computer material, and then be inserted into the adapter’s SD card slot for use with the ENTERPRISE 128.

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